Friday, October 31, 2014

Post 157: Finally Done

1st October 2014. After marriage for almost 2 years plus, we finally get our marriage certificate registration done. We did it in 天后宫 KL with witness from my brother and Moon's friend Ms. Jenny. Yes, it is only 4 of us. We want it to be simple and quiet so we decided to do it this way. It's really easier this way.

Not much celebration but we did have lunch together with Ms. Jenny and that's pretty much about it on our so call Big Day. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Post 156: 平凡也得感动


因为她的汽车拿去修理,我便成了代理司机。然而因为不想淋雨 也不想大雨驾车,我俩便无聊坐着等雨变小。我们一起逗来逗去,咬来咬去 笑来笑去。。。 

无聊的谈话,无聊的坐着,无聊的等待,可我却一直回味那短暂的无聊。平凡,简单 却给我很多感触 也让我享受有个人陪 是多愉快。。。

多幸运能有你在我身旁 一起走过,一起度过。感触能有个伴是件非常 难得可贵 得来不易的。珍惜当下,平凡也得,也能 感动。。。

Monday, July 14, 2014

Post 155: Pre Season in NBA 2014-2015

It just feel Playoff just finish couple week ago but now new preseason had started and this year there are pretty interesting free agent in the market to pull-in for all team. 

While there is rumor with all these superstar on which club they wish to play with: Anthony with Laker/Heat/Houston but final still remain in Knicks.

Vince Carter, superb authentic abilities and good shooting range decide to challenge new season with Memphis Grizzlies.

Pau Gasol join Chicago Bulls. Probably he had enough playing under Kobe ah... still I think he is still very effective inside the pain. Concern is consistency being effective... Well, I think we will know once the season start than...

Of all player movement, the most exciting and surprise to me is Lebron James, The King, decide to return to Cleveland where he started. Now he will be playing with Kyrie Irving, (superb ball dribbler and very quick player). Personally, I think though Cleveland will have King James back however chasing championship for 2014-2015 season remain in doubt. Basketball is team sports and doing it alone is almost impossible. (even Jordan will need Pippen to win...). Unless Cleveland can land some strong and hardworking PowerForward/Center, I still think new season will be difficult to challenge.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Post 154: Yonex Nanoray 90DX

I was never a Yonex Nanoray fan. I had tried both Voltrix 70/80 (4U) and I love these racket. Sad to said both had declare "retirement" as I had crack both of it. Ever since I crack my last Voltrix 80, I am searching around what will be best racket for me. Aside Voltrix series, I also had good experience with Prince (Triple Threat) series. I also heard alot of good stuff about Victor racket. (Good racket, good package, better price. Btw, Yonex is selling very expensive in Malaysia.)

While I was shopping around, I was introduce for Yonex Nanoray 90DX. 1st impression: This is hell of a pretty racket. Is like love at first sight!!! I love it matt white clean surface. 2nd: It had a thick lower back frame. 3rd: Power Boost Cap. Seldom see this kind of cap on Yonex badminton racket. Understand this cap should able to hit faster shot. (not sure how it works still....)

After several consideration, I decided to go with it. 1st engagement was to try out all possible shot and how to swing it correctly to have better power and better contact point.  Though it was only my 1st trial but the swing was not difficult to catch (forehand or backhand). Defense was rather good too at 30 lbs string. I am never a superb defense player so it was acceptable for me that the racket react quick enough and return on good position.  Lastly, SMASH!!! as everyone know, to have max power on smash, getting it on contact point or sweet spot is the most important yet most difficult action. After several smashes, I notice it is not so difficult to get sweet spot for this racket. I had a few good contact point and I love the power shown from the racket. It was great for me!!!

It was a sweet engagement for me. I feel more confidence in getting my sweet spot, more consistent with shot and more power in my smash game. Furthermore, 4U weight allow me to be more flexible with my game play too especially during defense. So far it is totally fun for my to play with Nanoray 90DX like a balance racket to attack and defense at the same time. As for price, it does not cost a bomb compare with Voltrix 80/ZForceII or Nanoray 900. (in Malaysia I think about RM 550 above). I had it at RM 240 (exclude string and grips.) and its totally within my budget.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Post 153: 一起